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  • Aircavmedic
    There really should be a modern jazz playlist. I have suggested this. Jazz changed with Miles Davis' Bitches Brew lp. Modern jazz incorporates a lot of electric instruments. Electric keyboards, electric bass, Electric guitars and other instruments. Some very important modern jazz is being missed. Spyro Gyra, The Rippingtons, Miles Davis post Bitches Brew & all artist that made careers with him. Billy Cobham, Return to Forever- you have clumped jazz together which is a large category- I have been playing & collecting it for over 45 years. Please come up with something. There has been a total loss of modern jazz. I once saw Chris Botti & Chick Corea in Jazz. They should not be lumped with Benny Goodman & Glenn Miller which should have their own category as Big Band Jazz. You come out with all these artist playlists. How about fixing Jazz & making it the way it should be. Early Jazz, Big Band Jazz, and Modern or Electric Jazz. It is not Progressive Rock. I like songpop & hope to keep playing. I have seen it grow in 10 weeks to an amazing app & way for people to connect. I only have praise except that 1 genre. Rock has been broken up to Classic, Hard Rock, Metal, Punk, new wave & more. Please let's not do Jazz a disservice. Thank you
  • Greyeffinger
    Number 1s

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