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Michael Jackson - Special Playlist




  • Jennifer Simoneaux
  • Stacey Kennard

    Seriously you have a Whitney Houston playlist BEFORE Michael Jackson? what a flippen insult to his music, he was 100x more of a music mogul than she ever was - what I really want to add I will refrain from saying as it is not nice!

  • Jennifer Simoneaux
  • Ian Richmond
    Yes I agree it should of been 1 of the first special playlists
  • Carolyn Riley

    Yes we need a Michael Jackson playlist as well as an Elvis playlist, music is not sweet without these 2 :-)

  • Sylviawalker1988

    I agree with everyone about the Michael Jackson playlist. You guys even have a bonjovi playlist. Michael Jackson has been around way too long not to have one. As a matter of fact there are several artist that should have one before Whitney and I love Whitney Houston.

  • Sangreeno
    Yes please.
  • Jennifer Simoneaux

    Really? Now there is a Kesha playlist and still no MJ?! WTF?! lol

  • Shianne Taylor
    I am a huge MJ fan! I cant believe Train and ke$ha have playlists before Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley!!!!
  • Song Pop get a Michael Jackson playlist on or the bunny gets it! I don't even know who Carrie Underwood is, what the CMA is, actually who is Kesha as well? Slap on a Michael Jackson one. Obviously a Beatles one. Who is Pitbull? Does he even have enough tunes to fill a category? I thought a pitbull was a dog. Anyway. You knows the score. Really though I can think of a million other people who deserve their own category and have enough music to comfortably fill them. How the furry farkle do you fill an Enrique Iglesius category? Surely he hasn't released that much of his shite to even cover a full round!

  • Stephanie Michetti Oglesby

    MJ rocks!

  • Tracy Morris

    that would be awesome!

  • Laura Barnes

    Please make a Michael Jackson playlist!

  • Tracy Duncan

    Of course Michael Jackson needs a playlist, as does Elvis Presley and King George Strait. Is there really any doubt???

  • Elvis
    Words have never been more true. WE NEED A MICHAEL JACKSON PLAYLIST!! Huge Michael Jackson fan here, and we NEED that PLAYLIST! I will be proud and SATISFIED if they include the well known songs like Thriller and Smooth Criminal also include the less known, like Ghost or Who Is It.
  • Vickey Weddle
    Yes, please make a playlist for MJ
  • Elysia Melville

    it can't be for lack of song rights as his adult solo songs even incorrectly pop up in the Motown playlist. there's so much material to choose from too. i count more than 30 albums on my own shelf alone. Combine it with J5 and The Jacksons for more variety, or even MJ & Janet together. 

  • Heather St.Amour

    Yes please!

  • Sherrie M

    please add a michael jackson playlist! thank-you!!!

  • Elysia Melville

    So apparently SongPop wants a playlist suggestion complete with songs. Here are some then since all previous Michael Jackson requests have been ignored:


    Barry Gibb  -  All In Your Name (Feat. Michael Jackson)
    Carole Bayer Sager  -  Just Friends (w/ Michael Jackson)
    Dave Mason  -  Save Me (w/ Michael Jackson)
    Eddie Murphy  -  Whatzupwitu (w/ Michael Jackson)
    Jackson 5  -  Zip A Dee Doo Dah
    Jackson 5  -  You've Changed
    Jackson 5  -  You're The Only One
    Jackson 5  -  You're My Best Friend, My Love
    Jackson 5  -  You Need Love Like I Do (Don't You)
    Jackson 5  -  You Made Me What I Am
    Jackson 5  -  You Can't Hurry Love
    Jackson 5  -  You Better Watch Out
    Jackson 5  -  You Ain't Giving Me What I Want (So I'm Taking It All Back)
    Jackson 5  -  Would Ya Would Ya Baby
    Jackson 5  -  World Of Sunshine
    Jackson 5  -  Window Shopping
    Jackson 5  -  Who's Lovin' You
    Jackson 5  -  Whatever You Got I Want
    Jackson 5  -  What You Don't Know
    Jackson 5  -  We're Here To Entertain You
    Jackson 5  -  We're Gonna Change Our Style
    Jackson 5  -  Uppermost
    Jackson 5  -  Up On The Roof
    Jackson 5  -  True Love Can Be Beautiful
    Jackson 5  -  Touch
    Jackson 5  -  To Know
    Jackson 5  -  Time Explosion
    Jackson 5  -  Through Thick And Thin
    Jackson 5  -  The Young Folks
    Jackson 5  -  The Wall
    Jackson 5  -  The Mirrors Of My Mind
    Jackson 5  -  The Love You Save
    Jackson 5  -  The Love I Saw In You Was Just A Mirage
    Jackson 5  -  The Life Of The Party
    Jackson 5  -  The Eternal Light
    Jackson 5  -  The Day Basketball Was Saved
    Jackson 5  -  The Boogie Man
    Jackson 5  -  That's How Love Is
    Jackson 5  -  Teenage Symphony
    Jackson 5  -  Sugar Daddy
    Jackson 5  -  Standing In The Shadows Of Love
    Jackson 5  -  Stand
    Jackson 5  -  Stand
    Jackson 5  -  Someone's Standing In My Love Light
    Jackson 5  -  Skywriter
    Jackson 5  -  Since I Lost My Baby
    Jackson 5  -  She's Good
    Jackson 5  -  She's A Rhythm Child
    Jackson 5  -  Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town
    Jackson 5  -  Reflections
    Jackson 5  -  Ready Or Not (Here I Come)
    Jackson 5  -  Reach Out I'll Be There
    Jackson 5  -  Reach In
    Jackson 5  -  Pride And Joy
    Jackson 5  -  Petals
    Jackson 5  -  Penny Arcade
    Jackson 5  -  Our Love
    Jackson 5  -  Ooh, I'd Love To Be With You
    Jackson 5  -  One More Chance
    Jackson 5  -  One Day I'll Marry You
    Jackson 5  -  Oh, I've Been Bless'd
    Jackson 5  -  Oh How Happy
    Jackson 5  -  Nobody
    Jackson 5  -  Never Had A Dream Come True
    Jackson 5  -  Never Can Say Goodbye
    Jackson 5  -  My Little Baby
    Jackson 5  -  My Cherie Amour
    Jackson 5  -  Moving Violation
    Jackson 5  -  Movin'
    Jackson 5  -  Money Honey
    Jackson 5  -  Maybe Tomorrow
    Jackson 5  -  Man's Temptation
    Jackson 5  -  Mama's Pearl [Demo]
    Jackson 5  -  Mama's Pearl
    Jackson 5  -  Mama Told Me Not To Come
    Jackson 5  -  Mama I Got A Brand New Thing (Don't Say No)
    Jackson 5  -  Makin' Life A Little Easier For You
    Jackson 5  -  Make Tonight All Mine
    Jackson 5  -  Lucky Day
    Jackson 5  -  Love's Gone Bad
    Jackson 5  -  Love Trip
    Jackson 5  -  Love Song (Bonus)
    Jackson 5  -  Love Scenes
    Jackson 5  -  Love Is The Thing You Need
    Jackson 5  -  Love Comes In Different Flavors
    Jackson 5  -  Love Call
    Jackson 5  -  Lookin' Through The Windows
    Jackson 5  -  Litty Bitty Pretty One
    Jackson 5  -  Listen I'll Tell You How
    Jackson 5  -  Let's Have A Party
    Jackson 5  -  Let's Go Back To Day One
    Jackson 5  -  Label Me Love
    Jackson 5  -  La La (Means I Love You)
    Jackson 5  -  Keep Off The Grass
    Jackson 5  -  Keep An Eye
    Jackson 5  -  Just Because I Love You
    Jackson 5  -  Just A Little Misunderstanding
    Jackson 5  -  Jumbo Sam
    Jackson 5  -  Joyful Jukebox Music
    Jackson 5  -  Jamie
    Jackson 5  -  It's Your Thing
    Jackson 5  -  It's Too Late To Change The Time
    Jackson 5  -  It's Great To Be Here
    Jackson 5  -  It All Begins & Ends With Love
    Jackson 5  -  If You Want Heaven
    Jackson 5  -  If The Shoe Don't Fit
    Jackson 5  -  If I Have To Move A Mountain
    Jackson 5  -  If I Don't Love You This Way
    Jackson 5  -  If I Can't Nobody Can
    Jackson 5  -  Iddint
    Jackson 5  -  I'm Your Sunny One (He's My Sunny Boy)
    Jackson 5  -  I'm Glad It Rained
    Jackson 5  -  I'll Try You'll Try (Maybe We'll All Get By)
    Jackson 5  -  I'll Bet You
    Jackson 5  -  I'll Be There
    Jackson 5  -  I Will Find A Way
    Jackson 5  -  I Was Made To Love Her
    Jackson 5  -  I Want You Back
    Jackson 5  -  I Want To Take You Higher
    Jackson 5  -  I Need You
    Jackson 5  -  I Hear A Symphony
    Jackson 5  -  I Got A Sure Thing
    Jackson 5  -  I Found That Girl
    Jackson 5  -  I Can't Quit Your Love
    Jackson 5  -  I Can't Get Enough Of You
    Jackson 5  -  I Can Only Give You Love
    Jackson 5  -  I Am Love
    Jackson 5  -  I Ain't Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore
    Jackson 5  -  Hum Along And Dance (Uncut)
    Jackson 5  -  Hum Along & Dance
    Jackson 5  -  How Funky Is Your Chicken
    Jackson 5  -  Honey Love
    Jackson 5  -  Honey Chile
    Jackson 5  -  Hallelujah Day
    Jackson 5  -  Going My Way
    Jackson 5  -  Goin' Back To Indiana
    Jackson 5  -  Get It Together
    Jackson 5  -  Forever Came Today
    Jackson 5  -  Feelin' Alright [Studio Version]
    Jackson 5  -  Feelin' Alright
    Jackson 5  -  Everybody Is A Star
    Jackson 5  -  E-Ne-Me-Ne-Mi-Ne-Moe (The Choice Is Yours To Pull)
    Jackson 5  -  Don't Want To See You Tomorrow
    Jackson 5  -  Don't Say Goodbye Again
    Jackson 5  -  Don't Let Your Baby Catch You
    Jackson 5  -  Don't Know Why I Love You
    Jackson 5  -  Doctor My Eyes
    Jackson 5  -  Darling Dear
    Jackson 5  -  Dancing Machine (Alternate Version)
    Jackson 5  -  Dancing Machine
    Jackson 5  -  Cupid
    Jackson 5  -  Corner Of The Sky
    Jackson 5  -  Coming Home
    Jackson 5  -  Come And Get It (Love's On The Fire)
    Jackson 5  -  Children Of The Light
    Jackson 5  -  Chained
    Jackson 5  -  Can't Get Ready For Losing You
    Jackson 5  -  Can You Remember
    Jackson 5  -  Can I See You In The Morning
    Jackson 5  -  Call Of The Wild
    Jackson 5  -  Buttercup
    Jackson 5  -  Bridge Over Troubled Water
    Jackson 5  -  Breezy
    Jackson 5  -  Born To Love You
    Jackson 5  -  Body Language (Do The Love Dance)
    Jackson 5  -  Ask The Lonely
    Jackson 5  -  All I Do Is Think Of You
    Jackson 5  -  Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing
    Jackson 5  -  After You Leave Girl
    Jackson 5  -  ABC
    Jackson 5  -  A Fool For You
    Jackson 5  -  2-4-6-8
    Jackson 5  -  16 Candles
    Jackson 5  -  (You Were Made) Especially For Me
    Jackson 5  -  (We've Got) Blue Skies
    Jackson 5  -  (We're The) Music Makers
    Jackson 5  -  (I Know) I'm Losing You
    Jackson 5  -  (Come 'Round Here) I'm The One You Need
    Jennifer Holliday  -  You're The One (Feat. Michael Jackson)
    Michael Jackson  -  You've Got A Friend
    Michael Jackson  -  You Rock My World
    Michael Jackson  -  You Really Got A Hold On Me
    Michael Jackson  -  You Can't Win
    Michael Jackson  -  You Can Cry On My Shoulder
    Michael Jackson  -  You Are There
    Michael Jackson  -  You Are Not Alone
    Michael Jackson  -  You Are My Life
    Michael Jackson  -  Workin' Day & Night
    Michael Jackson  -  With A Child's Heart
    Michael Jackson  -  Wings Of My Love
    Michael Jackson  -  Will You Be There
    Michael Jackson  -  Why You Wanna Trip On Me
    Michael Jackson  -  Who's Looking for a Lover
    Michael Jackson  -  Who Is It
    Michael Jackson  -  When I Come Of Age
    Michael Jackson  -  Whatever Happens
    Michael Jackson  -  What Goes Around Comes Around
    Michael Jackson  -  We've Had Enough
    Michael Jackson  -  We've Got Forever
    Michael Jackson  -  We've Got A Good Thing Going
    Michael Jackson  -  We're Almost There
    Michael Jackson  -  We Are The World (Demo)
    Michael Jackson  -  We Are Here To Change The World
    Michael Jackson  -  Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'
    Michael Jackson  -  Up Again
    Michael Jackson  -  Unbreakable
    Michael Jackson  -  Too Young
    Michael Jackson  -  Todo Mi Amor Eres Tu
    Michael Jackson  -  To Make My Father Proud
    Michael Jackson  -  Thriller
    Michael Jackson  -  Threatened
    Michael Jackson  -  This Time Around
    Michael Jackson  -  This Is It
    Michael Jackson  -  They Don't Care About Us
    Michael Jackson  -  The Way You Make Me Feel
    Michael Jackson  -  The Way You Love Me
    Michael Jackson  -  The Lost Children
    Michael Jackson  -  The Lady In My Life
    Michael Jackson  -  The Girl Is Mine
    Michael Jackson  -  Take Me Back
    Michael Jackson  -  Tabloid Junkie
    Michael Jackson  -  Superfly Sister
    Michael Jackson  -  Sunset Driver
    Michael Jackson  -  Streetwalker
    Michael Jackson  -  Stranger In Moscow
    Michael Jackson  -  Speed Demon
    Michael Jackson  -  Speechless
    Michael Jackson  -  Song Groove (A/K/A Abortion Papers)
    Michael Jackson  -  Someone Put Your Hand Out
    Michael Jackson  -  Someone In The Dark
    Michael Jackson  -  Smooth Criminal
    Michael Jackson  -  Smile
    Michael Jackson  -  Shout
    Michael Jackson  -  Shoo-Be-Doo-Be-Doo-Da-Day
    Michael Jackson  -  She's Out Of My Life
    Michael Jackson  -  She Drives Me Wild
    Michael Jackson  -  Scream
    Michael Jackson  -  Scared Of The Moon
    Michael Jackson  -  Rockin' Robin
    Michael Jackson  -  Rock With You
    Michael Jackson  -  Remember the Time
    Michael Jackson  -  PYT (Pretty Young Thing) (Demo)
    Michael Jackson  -  Privacy
    Michael Jackson  -  Price Of Fame
    Michael Jackson  -  People Make The World Go 'Round
    Michael Jackson  -  P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)
    Michael Jackson  -  One Day In Your Life
    Michael Jackson  -  On The Line
    Michael Jackson  -  Off The Wall
    Michael Jackson  -  My Girl
    Michael Jackson  -  Music & Me
    Michael Jackson  -  Much Too Soon
    Michael Jackson  -  Morphine
    Michael Jackson  -  Morning Glow
    Michael Jackson  -  Monkey Business
    Michael Jackson  -  Money
    Michael Jackson  -  Mind Is The Magic
    Michael Jackson  -  Melodie
    Michael Jackson  -  Maria (You Were The Only One)
    Michael Jackson  -  Man In The Mirror
    Michael Jackson  -  Make Tonight All Mine
    Michael Jackson  -  Love Is Here And Now You're Gone
    Michael Jackson  -  Lonely Teardrops
    Michael Jackson  -  Little Susie
    Michael Jackson  -  Liberian Girl
    Michael Jackson  -  Leave Me Alone
    Michael Jackson  -  Keep the Faith
    Michael Jackson  -  Just Good Friends
    Michael Jackson  -  Just A Little Bit Of You
    Michael Jackson  -  Johnny Raven
    Michael Jackson  -  Je Ne Veux Pas La Fin De Nous (I Just Can't Stop Loving You) [French Version]
    Michael Jackson  -  Jam
    Michael Jackson  -  It's The Falling In Love
    Michael Jackson  -  Is It Scary
    Michael Jackson  -  Invincible
    Michael Jackson  -  In the Closet
    Michael Jackson  -  In The Back
    Michael Jackson  -  In Our Small Way
    Michael Jackson  -  If'n I Was God
    Michael Jackson  -  I'm So Blue
    Michael Jackson  -  I'll Come Home To You
    Michael Jackson  -  I Wanna Be Where You Are
    Michael Jackson  -  I Just Can't Stop Loving You
    Michael Jackson  -  I Can't Help It
    Michael Jackson  -  Human Nature
    Michael Jackson  -  Hollywood Tonight
    Michael Jackson  -  Hold My Hand (Duet With Akon)
    Michael Jackson  -  History
    Michael Jackson  -  Heaven Can Wait
    Michael Jackson  -  Heartbreaker
    Michael Jackson  -  Heal the World
    Michael Jackson  -  Happy (Love Theme From 'Lady Sings The Blues')
    Michael Jackson  -  Greatest Show On Earth
    Michael Jackson  -  Got To Be There
    Michael Jackson  -  Got The Hots
    Michael Jackson  -  Gone Too Soon
    Michael Jackson  -  Give In to Me
    Michael Jackson  -  Girlfriend
    Michael Jackson  -  Girl You're So Together
    Michael Jackson  -  Girl Don't Take Your Love From Me
    Michael Jackson  -  Ghosts
    Michael Jackson  -  Get On The Floor
    Michael Jackson  -  Free
    Michael Jackson  -  For All Time
    Michael Jackson  -  Fly Away
    Michael Jackson  -  Farewell My Summer Love
    Michael Jackson  -  Fall Again (Demo)
    Michael Jackson  -  Everybody's Somebody's Fool
    Michael Jackson  -  Euphoria
    Michael Jackson  -  Ease On Down The Road
    Michael Jackson  -  Earth Song
    Michael Jackson  -  Don't Walk Away
    Michael Jackson  -  Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough
    Michael Jackson  -  Don't Let It Get You Down
    Michael Jackson  -  Don't Be Messin' 'Round
    Michael Jackson  -  Doggin' Around
    Michael Jackson  -  Dirty Diana
    Michael Jackson  -  Dear Michael
    Michael Jackson  -  Dapper-Dan
    Michael Jackson  -  Dangerous (Early Version)
    Michael Jackson  -  Dangerous
    Michael Jackson  -  D.S.
    Michael Jackson  -  Cry
    Michael Jackson  -  Come Together
    Michael Jackson  -  Cinderella Stay Awhile
    Michael Jackson  -  Childhood
    Michael Jackson  -  Cheater (Demo)
    Michael Jackson  -  Carousel
    Michael Jackson  -  Can't Let Her Get Away
    Michael Jackson  -  Can't Get Outta The Rain
    Michael Jackson  -  Butterflies
    Michael Jackson  -  Burn This Disco Out
    Michael Jackson  -  Break Of Dawn
    Michael Jackson  -  Blood On The Dance Floor
    Michael Jackson  -  Black or White
    Michael Jackson  -  Billie Jean
    Michael Jackson  -  Best Of Joy
    Michael Jackson  -  Ben
    Michael Jackson  -  Behind The Mask
    Michael Jackson  -  Beautiful Girl (Demo)
    Michael Jackson  -  Beat It
    Michael Jackson  -  Bad
    Michael Jackson  -  Baby Be Mine
    Michael Jackson  -  Another Part Of Me
    Michael Jackson  -  All The Things You Are
    Michael Jackson  -  Al Capone
    Michael Jackson  -  Ain't No Sunshine
    Michael Jackson  -  2,000 Watts
    Michael Jackson  -  2 Bad
    Michael Jackson  -  (I Like) The Way You Love Me
    Michael Jackson  -  (I Can't Make It) Another Day
    Minnie Riperton  -  I'm In Love Again (w/ Michael Jackson)
    Paul McCartney  -  The Man (w/ Michael Jackson)
    Paul McCartney  -  Say Say Say (w/ Michael Jackson)
    Stevie Wonder & Michael Jackson  -  Get It
    The Jacksons  -  Your Ways
    The Jacksons  -  Wondering Who
    The Jacksons  -  We Can Change The World
    The Jacksons  -  Walk Right Now
    The Jacksons  -  Wait
    The Jacksons  -  Torture
    The Jacksons  -  Time Waits For No One
    The Jacksons  -  Think Happy
    The Jacksons  -  Things I Do For You
    The Jacksons  -  The Hurt
    The Jacksons  -  That's What You Get (For Being Polite)
    The Jacksons  -  Style Of Life
    The Jacksons  -  Strength Of One Man
    The Jacksons  -  State Of Shock (w/ Mick Jagger)
    The Jacksons  -  Show You The Way To Go
    The Jacksons  -  Shake Your Body (Down To The Ground)
    The Jacksons  -  Push Me Away
    The Jacksons  -  Play It Up
    The Jacksons  -  One More Chance
    The Jacksons  -  Nothin (That Compares 2 U)
    The Jacksons  -  Music's Takin' Over
    The Jacksons  -  Midnight Rendezvous
    The Jacksons  -  Man Of War
    The Jacksons  -  Lovely One
    The Jacksons  -  Living Together
    The Jacksons  -  Keep On Dancing
    The Jacksons  -  Jump For Joy
    The Jacksons  -  Heaven Knows I Love You, Girl
    The Jacksons  -  This Place Hotel
    The Jacksons  -  Good Times
    The Jacksons  -  Goin' Places
    The Jacksons  -  Give It Up
    The Jacksons  -  Find Me A Girl
    The Jacksons  -  Everybody
    The Jacksons  -  Even Though You're Gone
    The Jacksons  -  Enjoy Yourself
    The Jacksons  -  Dreamer
    The Jacksons  -  Do What You Wanna
    The Jacksons  -  Different Kind Of Lady
    The Jacksons  -  Destiny
    The Jacksons  -  Can You Feel It
    The Jacksons  -  Body
    The Jacksons  -  Blues Away
    The Jacksons  -  Bless His Soul
    The Jacksons  -  Blame It On The Boogie
    The Jacksons  -  Be Not Always
    The Jacksons  -  Art Of Madness
    The Jacksons  -  All Night Dancin'
    The Jacksons  -  2300 Jackson Street
  • Olivia Miele
    There needs to be an MJ playlist. Period.
  • Barb Foulds
    Please make this!
  • misty chairez


  • Tomb-raider18
    Totally Needs To Be Done!!!
  • Gary Nickle
    Mj no doubt deserves his own playlist!!! Even 2pac does!!! Both changed music
  • Jennifer
    You read my mind
  • Natalie Prewett
    Michael Jackson is the king of pop. People around the world love him and his music. I don't understand why people like Whitney Houston and Alanis Morisette who are not as popular have playlists and MJ doesn't? Will rate 5 stars if a Michaelse Jackson category is added. Thank you for your consideration.
  • Melgfoster

    Definitely need a Michael Jackson playlist

  • Hugo

    Yes please :) MJ is the best

  • marion rolfes
    Yes I want it

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